I am frequently asked, do you photograph weddings?  Well, the short answer is "Yes, I do...but..."
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BOOK YOUR WEDDING photographer

I’m often asked whether I photograph weddings.  Yes, I do, but not as a conventional wedding photographer.  If you’re looking for traditional images – group shots, bride and groom in the garden, sunsets, cake cutting, first dance etc etc, I am most definitely not the photographer to book.

If, however, you’re keen to capture those moments that happen away from the bride and groom spotlight, the candid moments that few see, where nothing is staged, nothing is posed, just your family and guests at their most natural, then you can hire me as a second photographer, supplementing your main photographer.

I’m the photographer who’ll attempt to capture Dad’s tears, your friend’s dancefloor ‘moves’, or your own glances of embarrassment during the speeches.  Having started my photographic journey as a street photographer, I photograph weddings much as I would a street scene.  Hanging back so the camera is as unobtrusive as possible, I look and wait for those moments that you will miss as you enjoy your day.

The Package

Arriving at the church 30 minutes before the ceremony, I will remain with the guests for four hours from that point.


Additional hours can be arranged on the day at a cost of £125 per hour or part hour.

All images (I would normally expect to produce several hundred images on the day) provided in electronic form within 2 weeks of the event.