The Lake and the Hanging Tree

A photograph can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. It captures one moment in time and offers no context, no explanation and no excuses. Lighting, angles and poses can so seldom deliver the truth in a final image and in this age of filters and Photoshop, the truth can become so seemingly unacceptable and frightening for a person to present.   

For transgender, non-binary and gender fluid people, that is so frequently magnified by the world around us and the society we all reside in. But true beauty is not found in the pristine airbrushed, cis-normative bodies airbrushed in magazines. It is found deep in the wilderness, where flesh meets stone and tears meet rivers. Where the weight of expectations is unimportant next to the weight of your muscle and bone upon unsteady earth. It is there, among the marsh water, towering trees and unforgiving terrain that you are reminded what makes a body perfect.
Charlize Golightly

8 Responses

  1. You probably know that I’ve been a fan of your work for a few years now … but I have to say – some of these are amoungst your best to date, I absolutely adore the feel of shots 9 & 11 ( the couple ),
    whilst 14 & 15 have given me hope for my own photography for the future.
    The 2 last shots are also very appealing to me – love the hap hazard bodies mingled with with nature – Superb work all involved

  2. Truly wonderful set of images Ceri.Congratulations to you for capturing such inspiring images, and to all the
    people involved in the shoot.Also good old black and white came out tops, definitely a winner

  3. Ceri
    These are really beautiful images!
    The models are excellent, location perfect, and the photography outstanding.
    I really love the concept and the manner in which it has been executed.
    Congratulations and best wishes to all involved.

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