The Forsaken

There are times when shoots can be done and dusted in a surprisingly short space of time.  So it was with this.  No plan, no hesitation, it almost tumbled out of camera.  Sadly, though this was immediately accepted for publication in Elusive Dreams magazine, its “till further notice” closure means this is the best way to get it out there and seen.

The following is Hester’s biog as it would have appeared in the magazine,
“Feminist, adventurous, fiercely independent and a creative lover of photographic art. My life is crammed full with people I love and a challenging career I enjoy. However, every now and then I get time away from work and my busy family life to indulge my creativity with wonderfully talented photographers. I choose to embrace my femininity but like images which show strong and raw emotion. I’m not someone that accedes to pressure to conform.  I’ve always found the feminine form to be beautiful and seek to convey the different aspects of what it means to me to be a strong female in our modern society as opposed to trying to emulate a sexualised aesthetic to be idolised by others.”

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