Ceri Vale Steampunk Having wanted to photograph steampunk for as long as I’ve had a camera, meeting Kari and her collaborative partner Paul was the final push needed to turn my ideas into images.  I’d always known where to shoot it, but these guys brought the whole thing to life.  Costume, props…and Paul’s skills as a light stand all […]

In the Wilds of Wales with Silk (part1)

Ceri Vale Into the Wilds of Wales, with Silk (part1) Taking Silk into the depths of waterfall country is akin to releasing a falcon to the wild.  Feral, yet graceful, she molds to the world and the world seems to mold to her.  Part 2 will come soon, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these. Click […]


Ceri Vale Broken One of the joys of shooting is to be able to weave a tale within a few images.  Shooting in a derelict hotel in June 2017, TJ and I created the following narrative using nothing but the location, a nightdress and light and shadow. SHARE THIS? Share on facebook Share on twitter […]

Kim Kardashian, Eat Your Heart Out!

Ceri Vale Kim Kardashian, Eat Your Heart Out! “I want to do a Kim Kardashian white paint shoot!” When Megan Goodchild, owner of The Face Boss, first suggested this idea, I admit I hadn’t the foggiest what she meant.  A few weeks later, having recruited Toni to complete the team, we produced THIS! SHARE THIS? Share […]

The Muse

Ceri Vale The Muse So much has been written to both celebrate and dissect the role of the muse in the creative process. Shakespeare’s plea, “O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention”, has been whispered by countless creatives, and occasionally answered, to produce remarkable work. My own experience […]

Art Nude in the Wilds of Wales

Ceri Vale Art Nude In The Brecon Beacons The plan with Artemis was to travel to Brecon to shoot art nude at a waterfall. Despite the wet, cold, miserable day, we went for it, with some great results.   If you enjoy, please use the share buttons beneath the galleryClick an image for full page view […]